Writing & Stamping onto Your Printed Items

Author: Ellie Williamson
Published: 05/07/2013

If you intend to write or stamp onto your printed items, you need to plan this into your design and take it into consideration when choosing which stock your artwork will be printed onto.

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Things to Consider

When you plan to use a rubber stamp on your printed items, for example, a loyalty card, do not opt for a coated stock (Silk or Gloss) as the standard ink used for rubber stamps will fail to dry as it cannot be absorbed, instead choose an uncoated stock (Royal Kent/Recycled). Similarly, any areas of your artwork which you intend to stamp onto that include a colour may not allow the ink of rubber stamps to dry, therefore, the best option is to leave the area to be stamped unprinted and colour free.

Inks used on the digital press are not absorbed into the card stock; instead they simply sit on the surface making it difficult to write on with certain types of pen as the ink acts as a repellent to the pen's ink. A permanent fine liner pen will achieve the best result. However, we strongly recommend leaving areas to be written on white.

When designing a loyalty card to be stamped onto, we suggest using circles or squares with an outline colour allocated and the inner left white for the stamping areas.

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