Understanding the difference between Vector and Bitmap Graphics

Author: Ellie Williamson
Published: 05/07/2013

What is the difference between a vector and a bitmap graphic. This article explains all.

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So... What is the Difference?

The main difference between vector and bitmap graphics is that vector graphics can be enlarged to any size without losing quality whilst bitmap graphics cannot. Vector graphics consist of objects and when enlarged these objects re-scale.


Bitmap graphics consist of a multitude of pixels - which are individual squares, each assigned a colour - and increasing the size of a bitmap graphic simply stretches these pixels causing them to blur and distort the final image.


Vector graphics, unlike bitmap graphics, which are small on a business card, can be enlarged to fill an exhibition graphic whilst retaining their crisp appearance. Vector graphics are more versatile than bitmap graphics due to the fact they are scalable; however, vector graphics generally appear cartoon-like whereas bitmap graphics look realistic and true to life.

EXAMPLE: (Insert image from Ed to help illustrate this).

**Useful Information**

Photographs will always be a bitmap graphic.

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