Visual Guide to Paper Sizes

Author: Ellie Williamson
Published: 02/09/2013

This paper sizes chart shows you in a bright and colourful way all the varying sizes of paper that we supply.

From as large as A0 to the diminutive credit/business card size, Face Media Group deliver on all these paper sizes to ensure you get the right product to match your needs.

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15 sizes of paper to choose from


This is the largest size paper that we offer with A0 measuring at 1189mm x 841mm. Due to its size, it will only be for specific uses. Typically, you would use A0 for technical drawings, but they are also good for big advertising on posters.


A1 is still on the larger scale of the paper spectrum, but isn't quite as big as A0 with A1 being 841mm x 594mm. While A1 can be used for the same purposes as A0, it may also be utilised for flip charts in business meetings because of its smaller size.


A2's size of 594mm x 420mm makes it more versatile than both A0 and A1. Not big enough for technical drawings, A2 is much more suited to the uses of A1 as well as standard drawings, diagrams and large tables.


One of the most popular paper sizes, A3's size of 420mm x 297mm has all the uses of A2 but managed in a more concise way. A3 is also great for displaying a smaller sized poster.


A4 is the most common paper size and can be utilised for almost anything. 297mm x 210mm offers the opportunity to create letters, magazines, catalogues, forms and an endless amount of other uses in a compact fashion.


A5 is much more common for notepads and diaries rather than the uses for A4. It's size of 210mm x 148.5mm makes it a lot easier for you to jot down information in a more precise way.


A much smaller sized paper, A6 at 148.5mm x 105mm tends to be uniquely for postcards. However, it could also be used for smaller sized books or compact instruction manuals; good for pocket sized information.


The most minute sized paper we offer in the A series, the 105mm x 74.25mm size is good for flyers or possibly identification cards.

2/3 A4

Away from the A series, we offer two-thirds A4 sized for more specific uses. At 210mm x 198mm, two-thirds A4 is well matched for making professional looking promotional leaflets.

210mm Square

Similar in size to the two-thirds A4 paper, the 210mm square is also good for promotional leaflets or any sort of brochure or booklet presented in a more distinctive way than the A series.

148.5mm Square

The 148.5mm square sized paper is for when you want to present information in a distinguishable yet compact manner. Perfectly suited for all the uses of the 210mm square.

105mm Square

The smallest square sized paper we offer, the 105mm square may be too small for a leaflet, but is ideal for labels or for post-it notes. It's small size makes it excellent for noting down a bite-sized amount of information.

1/3 A4 (DL)

The DL paper size is often used for promotional products. At 210mm x 99mm, DL sized paper is often used for leaflets, flyers, envelopes, brochures, invitations and any other sort of promotional product.

A6 Long

A6 long is similar to DL just slightly smaller at 210mm x 74.25mm. This sized paper is good for uniquely sized promotional material, particularly unusually sized flyers.

Credit/Business Card

Credit/Business Card (or CC) is the perfect size for showing off succinct information. At 85m x 55mm, CC sized paper will be the size you want for a professional and smart looking business card.

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