Website Development and Design

At Face Media Group, we are able to create and design a website that best suits your business. Our team are experts in building up business's websites using our own content management system Mistore, using Opencart to make an online shop, as well as Wordpress for any manner of website. We can also produce a bespoke designed tailor-made content management system to fit your specialised needs.

Website for Business Startups

Face Media Group offers the chance for start up or small to medium sized businesses to create a website that suits you and can help maximise business potential. By using our own built content management system (CMS) Mistore, we are able to create online services for your business that are affordable yet professional as a brochure website. By consulting with our team, you'll be able to get the best design concept for you.

This type of CMS is perfect if the business that you are a part of wants to get its feet off the ground, increase its reputation in your industry and generate new leads or undertake the task of completely re-branding its name. The features included offer you flexibility in design, such as an unlimited amount of pages and content, testimonials, image galleries and video integration at no extra cost.

Be sure to contact us to find out how Face Media Group will help you and your business; look at some examples of our work using Mistore.

Online Shops

If you're looking to set up an online shop for customers, Face Media Group can steer you in the right direction to make sure your products reach your target audience. We use the CMS 'Opencart' which allows us to build a website that can be tailored to your needs. Opencart is open source, meaning that you own the CMS - perfect for flexibility and future development.

At Face Media Group, we can build a bespoke website that caters for your different requirements. If you are looking to get into the jewellery industry and need to advertise and sell your homemade products or you're in the art business and want to make some money on your drawings, we can make your shop the best around. Some of the great features are unlimited categories and products, product reviews and ratings as well as a discount coupon system.

Get in contact with us at Face Media Group and we can support you and your business; view some online shops we made using Opencart.


Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS's used amongst web designers. This is because of its dynamism, versatility and brilliant functionality. Wordpress allows us to be creative with your website and like Opencart, it is open source so you stay in control of your business's online presence. The amount of features Wordpress offers means we can design a bespoke fit based on your ideas for your website.

The blog feature of Wordpress means you can engage with your customers by letting them know the latest news of your business where they can then leave comments. Wordpress's various plugins, including being able to monitor the activity of your website and adding multimedia content, gives us at Face Media Group the best tools to deliver the best look to your business, whether you're an estate agent looking to advertise properties or you're in the entertainment business looking to promote events.

Contact Face Media Group today to see how we can use Wordpress to build a website for you; see some websites we created using Wordpress.

Bespoke Website Development

At Face Media Group, we understand how to bring a website to life from the bare bones. After building the Mistore CMS, we have the experience to overcome the task of creating something out of nothing. The bespoke designs are for when your website has a lot of information and complexities that need to be conveyed in a clear and smart manner. We can design individual pages and deliver on your precise requirements to build a specific package.

The bespoke designs are made to fit especially for you and your niche ideas. We use CodeIgniter to create a structure for your website where we can then build your website up using the PHP rapid development framework. This means we can deliver a faster turnaround time with all of your requirements met with a creative finish. For when you have a big idea for your business, the bespoke development is suited for you.

Feel free to get in contact and find out why a bespoke design could be your best option; check out our previously made bespoke websites.

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