Envelopes - Printed then Made

Printed with full coverage before being made into envelopes, is exactly what 'printed then made' means. The is an expensive process, so short runs are cost prohibitive. But, 'printed then made' envelopes are incredible effective.

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More Choice for Better Results

Adding your branding to envelopes lets you raise your profile and increase the interest of anyone who sees the letter, especially the addressee. Including a return address also gives you a way of keeping track when the letter doesn't actually make it to that person.

By printing the envelopes while they're still single sheets of paper before they're made up, you can create a design that covers any part of the finished envelope, and you can even design an envelope that isn't a standard size or shape.

The only disadvantage is that the cost of producing smaller quantities may be prohibitive, so this option works best if you are looking to order larger quantities.

Envelope Design Templates

If you want to design your own Envelopes, please feel free to download one of our Envelope design templates to help you bring your ideas to life.

Professional Design Service

When you design Printed Then Made envelopes you need to keep in mind that your finished product will be folded. This means knowing what parts of the design will visible on each face of the envelope, where the folds will cut through your design and which way up text needs to be so that its correct on the finished envelope.

If you would like the help of our professional design team to make sure your finished envelopes will be just right, simply call the office or fill out the quote request form. We will be happy to discuss how we can help.