Your Complimentary Business Cards

The specifications of our complimentary business cards (free as part of a specific event promotion) are listed below.

When you have decided which cards are for you, return to the offer page, and click them to basket.

Your business card artwork

Either upload your business card artwork, ready for print. Or perhaps you would like us to make some changes. Not a problem, just let us know.

Alternatively, we can do the artwork for you. 

Click the relevant business card to basket, complete the order and we will be in touch to finalise.

Business Card Choices

Choose from our range of standard weight business cards (all printed onto 350gsm board - the industry standard for professional business cards).

Silk Board

Our 350gsm silk board is our very basic of business card stock. This is used when the design contains lots of full colour, but a lamination isn't required. [more about these cards]

Royal Kent Ivory Board

Our 350gsm Royal Kent Ivory Board is an extremely popular choice. The Royal Kent is renowned for its use as a business card board. It is smooth, rigid and looks great with designs which have lots of white space. [more about these cards]

Recycled Board

Our recycled business card boards come in several options, all with different recycled properties. 55% and 80% recycled silk (meaning the board is produced using 55 or 80% recycled paper materials). The 100% recycled board is uncoated, and rather rough to touch, brilliant for expressing your 'eco-stance' to your customers. Why not add 'printed on 100% recycled paper' to help get the message home. [more about these cards]

Matt Laminate

Our most popular choice of lamination, is Matt Laminate. Matt gives a smooth, silky finish to your business cards. [more about these cards]

Gloss Laminate

Gloss lamination gives your cards a very high polished look and feel. [more about these cards]

Velvet Laminate

Velvet laminate is a new product to our portfolio. This laminate gives a very strange, luxurious feel to business cards, it really is like stroking velvet or suede. [more about these cards]

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Pick up or Delivery

You can pick your business cards up from our Portslade offices when they are ready, or we can deliver them to you. (although as we're not charging for delivery with these complimentary cards, if you want us to deliver them, we'll do so when passing).