Standard Business Cards - Unlaminated

Our standard unlaminated business cards are available on a 350gsm board. 400gsm and 450gsm weight board, and 650gsm, 970gsm and 1295gsm using Mohawk Superfine bonded papers. 350gsm is a good thickness with an acceptable rigidity.  These cards are perfect for any company or professional.  Although not top of the range these exact cards are used by many large companies such as Homebase and HSBC bank to name a few. 400gsm and 450gsm are perfect when something more professional is needed. The Mohawk Superfine bonded range are ultimate in business cards.

A range of business cards samples are included in our complimentary sample pack. 

Compare Prices of Unlaminated Business Cards

  • Paper Type : Various quality paper stocks
  • Colours : Full colour to both sides - see alternative tabs for single and double sided prices
  • Laminated : NOT Laminated
  • Turnaround : 3/5 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Business Card Stock / Quantity100250500100020005000
350gsm Silk£15£20£29£49£79£179
350gsm Royal Kent£15£20£29£49£79£189
400gsm Silk£49£49£59£69£99£129
450gsm Silk£29£39£49£59£79£99
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350gsm - Royal Kent Ivory Board

Why choose the Royal Kent Card?

Our Royal Kent is perfect for designs with lots of white space, simple text and a small logo. The cards are printed digitally either single sided or double sided in full colour on 350gsm Royal Kent Ivory Board. This stock benefits from being an uncoated stock which makes it adaptable as well as cost effective. Due to its versatility it can be used in many different ways such as:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Appointment cards
  • Referral cards

In fact in this range, our prices are as little as £12 for 100 units.

What makes them so Versatile?

  • Professional quality
  • Great value for money
  • Printed in low quantities (from 100 units)
  • Fast turnaround  (3 days)

350gsm Silk Art Board

Why choose the Silk Board?

This range is again digitally printed, full colour, single sided or double sided. However, In contrast to the Royal Kent, our Silk Board lends itself to full coverage printing. This means you can go for it with the colour. If you want something a bit more colourful this could be the range for you.  You could add a full coverage illustration or photo to this stock without compromising on the finished result. With its ‘soft sheen’ you get a durable quality finish that will showcase any design and at 100 units for £12 you can’t go wrong.

Who should consider the Silk board?

  • Customers with Bold Designs
  • Full coverage design ( heavy ink coverage)
  • Designs containing illustrations
  • Designs containing photography

What are the differences between the Royal Kent and Silk board?

Take a look at the table below:

Royal Kent Silk
  • Uncoated matt finish
  • Can be written or stamped  on
  • Clean simple design
  • Small logo placement
  • Coated silk finish (soft sheen)
  • Durable
  • Great for full coverage designs
  • Good for photos and illustrations
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400gsm Silk Board

Our 400gsm silk business cards are lithographically printed, this is why they are more expensive than the thinner 350gsm, they cost more to produce. These cards are batch printed, your card along with 20 other designs, gives a cost effective business card for larger runs

450gsm Silk Board

Like the 400gsm, these cards are noticably thicker when compared to the 350gsm cards. You'll experience a touch more rigidity in these fine business cards, compared to the 400gsm option.

650gsm Mohawk Superfine

These cards consist of 2 sheets of white 325gsm Mohawk Superfine paper, bonded together to give a luxurious 650gsm card. This process is known as Duoplex.

970gsm Mohawk Superfine

Also bonded as above, but these cards are Triplex, which include an extra bonded layer of white Mohawk Superfine paper, increasing the bulk to 970gsm.

1295gsm Mohawk Superfine

Quadplex Mohawk Superfine papers, that 4 sheets of white paper, creating a super thick 1295gsm card, which could be compared to plywood in thickness and rigidity.

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