Graphic Design - Folded Leaflets

The folded leaflet is incredibly popular. Besides flyers, they are probably the most prevalent form of free media. The advantage that they have over flyers however, is their versatility. As they can be used for menus, instruction guides, tour guides etc., they offer a greater flexibility.

The attractiveness of the design then is important to keep your audience engaged. With a good balance of elements, you can create good hubbub over your business.

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Graphic Design for Grabbing Attention

A good folded leaflet will seize the reader's attention and deliver to them the information you require. It needs to include a creative mix of details, colour and images to ensure that your folded leaflet doesn't migrate from a potential customer's hands into the bin.

The graphic design team at Face Media Group can help you achieve this. Our understanding in successful folded leaflets will help you get your message across in a stylish and professional way.