Car & Van Livery Graphics and Vehicle Graphics

This is a very specialist service, particularly Car Wraps. The average price for a full on car wrap will be approx £800 to a small van at £1200.

Can I apply a vehicle wrap myself?

So you may want to consider applying the graphics yourself. We have the answer. Vehicle graphics, printed full colour and ready to apply.

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How are car stickers printed?

Most commonly, the stickers are printed on a large format printer, on a large sheet, which prints 1.3m across. The media is printed full colour, once printed, the media is pulled back through the machine, and kiss-cut with a precise blade, which follows the desired contour of the sticker. Supplied as 1 metre linear sheets, excess peeled away, application tape applied, these stickers are ready to apply to a clean dry vehicle surface.

What is a kiss cut?

This means that the sticker is cut to shape, but not the backing. It means that the sticker can be removed from the sheet, without affecting the rest of the sheet. It also means that the sticker can be any shape you want. The sticker vinyl is called MD5 from Metamark. It can be used to stick to anything, windows, cars, lampposts, children... Anything... But it is specifically intended for vehicle graphics.

This process can be used for car graphics, wheelie bin graphics, large surface stickers (windows and other flat surfaces). Below is a simple price matrix which shows the cost per linear meter, that's 1300mm by 1000mm.

Special note - ideally utilise the whole print area, plan up a canvas size of 1300mm x 1000mm, layout all the graphics you require, utilising any unprinted space to include all required elements of your graphics. These stickers can be ANY SHAPE you like.

How can I calculate the size of a vehicle wrap?

The width of our sticker machine is 1300mm - so the area of a linear meter is 1,300,000 mm²

Now work out the area of your shape, add a couple of mm each way to be safe. Then divide the total area (1,300,000) by your shapes are (max width x max depth) = the approx. amount of stickers to a linear meter = £45. 

*Overlaminate - Metaguard 700 is a matched overlaminate to MD5, offering mutual conformability and weathering, to prevent tunnelling or delamination. It provides abrasion resistance and extended durability for exterior applications, onto flat or curved surfaces. It is available in a semi matt or gloss finish.

Are you a signage specialist?

We are looking for signage specialists in YOUR area.

Being an online national print supplier, it is never easy to logistically plan for clients when it comes to a service which needs such a personal touch - Car Wraps, Vehicle Livery and Shop Signage is such a service. If you would like to be considered as a Service Agent you would be expected to

  • Contact then visit an FMG lead within a set timescale
  • Quote that lead competitively within a set timescale
  • Act on FMG's behalf
  • Give exceptional quality and service
  • Carry out such work within an agreed timescale

If you think you have what it takes, and would like to represent your part of the UK then please send in a cover letter with any literature you carry / portfolios etc, to our postal address.