BIOFlex Outdoor Banners

BIOflex Outdoor from Face Media Group is a true alternative to the vinyl PVC banner. This polyester alternative to vinyl is 100% recyclable, in essence, it's a hardwearing cloth, not vinyl. It is foldable and light (no more tubes). It's water repellent, preventing dirty water from absorbing, rolling straight off. It doesn't rattle and doesn't need hemming.

PVC vinyl banner - bioflex grade - in metres

  • Stock : Bioflex banner material
  • Colours : Full colour to single side
  • Finish : Eyeletted at 50cm or 30cm intervals
  • Turnaround : 7/10 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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100% Recyclable. 100% Eco friendly

With BIOflex Outdoor you can distinguish yourself by responding to the increasing demand for sustainable print products. BIOflex Outdoor is a recyclable and foldable, lightweight polyester cloth, which has been developed exclusively for the Alpha Textile printer with water-based eco inks. This gives you the most durable fabric available. This polyester material is provided with durable conical nickel rings. In addition, special laser cutting technology ensures a precise finish in any desired size and shape.

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Convince your customers of the benefits of BIOflex Outdoor

The benefits of BIOflex Outdoor:

  • It's a foldable and light material, so you can easily assemble it and send it in a compact package.
  • Is the most durable, 100% recyclable, cloth.
  • Features the highest possible colour intensity, making your print stand out even more.
  • Absorbs the light giving the fabric a matte appearance, no shine.
  • It's water-repellent, preventing dirty water from absorbing and just rolls off the cloth.
  • Does not rattle in the wind and does not need to be hemmed.

For fitting, we would recommend elasticated spider hooks, Gooseneck stretchers, rubber ring S hooks  - This is a tension fabric, it doesnt need to be 'cable tie' tight. A little give, is good. 

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Need a Fire Retardent solution - BIOflex Fire

There are enough reasons to opt for BIOflex Outdoor when you are looking for an all-round recyclable alternative to vinyl banners. When you need something with a fire certificate, we can help with that too. With BIOflex Fire you have the fire-retardant alternative. Our BIOflex Fire has an EN13501 Class B fire certificate. Great for indoor and outdoor (ideally short term applications, of up to 3 months).

BIOflex Fixings

Hang the banners securely with our tension Banner frames . Tip: use Stretchers with spider hook, rubber rings + S-hook or gooseneck pullers for mounting. With Stormfix tensioners or cable ties you run the risk that the panel can tear. With our Blind Banner frame you have the sleek look of a billboard with the flexibility of a Banner. With this type of frame, the fabric is stretched tightly around the outside of the frame. In this way only the print is visible and your message gets full attention. BIOflex Outdoor is also a perfect match. Our outdoor textile frame, the frame and the mounting are cleverly concealed and you can easily tension the fabric with the 'clamp and ready' method. Can't find these on the site, just ask.

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