Personalised napkins are a fantastic way of giving a bit of elegance to a table. A napkin designed to your choosing attracts people's attention - this is nicely paired with their subtle nature. Upload your artwork and we can decorate a napkin to your own taste.

Understated and Versatile

For the food industry, napkins are an essential way of improving the look of your business. Having the name of your restaurant or café on napkins will help customers remember you for longer and recommend you to their friends. However, napkins are not limited to the restaurant or café industry - you can get so much more use out of them.

While they are a brilliant way to give a professional look, they can also be used for events for any business where they will be a lot of people. A very smart way to stay in people's minds.

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More Information

Napkins come in three different sizes and can be printed in six different colours upon white paper. They come on two different types of paper - either in paper/wadding tissue or air-laid paper. Available in either two or three ply.

If you need help with creating a design, get in contact with our professional design team by filling in the quote request form or simply call us up - we are more than willing to help you.