Personalised Scratch Card Printing

Got an itch, gotta scratch it. They are addictive, aren't they? You get a scratch card in front of you, you can't resist scratching away the silver layer, to reveal what you might have won. Everyone loves a scratch card, so why not use them to promote your business?

Available to order, as one variation, or equal, or even lots of one type and just 10 'Hot Cards' - You choose. The standardised size for our Scratch Off Cards is 100mm x 50mm, but we also offer them in regular sizes, A7, A6, DL, A5 and 135mm x 97mm (Known as Super).

The grid below should make ordering simple, but if you get confused, just ask, because we know exactly what we're talking about ;)

Scratch Cards - Multi Variations

  • Variations : As many as you want
  • Size : Various sizes
  • Stock : 300gsm silk art board
  • Colours : Full colour to both sides
  • Lamination : Optional
  • Finish : Latex patch - Either 48mm x 18mm or 25mm Dia
  • Turnaround : 5-7 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Size / Quantity1002505007501000Different Qty?
Regular (100 x 50mm)£82£159£297£410QuoteQuote
A7 (105 x 74mm)£86£164£302£416QuoteQuote
Super (135 x 97mm)£105£171£315£435QuoteQuote
A6 (148 x 105mm)£105£171£315£435QuoteQuote
DL (99 x 210mm)£165£190£322£446QuoteQuote
A5 (148 x 210mm)£210£241£340£473QuoteQuote
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Ordering Scratch Off Cards & Tickets

Budget Scratch Cards

Text about budget cards here.

Traditional Scratch Cards
One Variation

This means, the order quantity are all the same design (same artwork beneath the scratch panels). Great for a simple promotion, where you want to build excitement, but people will soon realise all the cards are the same, and lose interest.

Five Variations

This means, of the total quantity, 5 equal variations of artwork (5 different artworks beneath the scratch panel) So if you order 1250 cards, you'll get 5 sets of 250. This order choice is perfect, when you have several 'calls to action' Maybe one is a loser, but the other 4 types could be a cool value proposition.

Four Variations Plus Hot Cards

This means, within a total quantity, you will get 4 equal variations of artwork AND ten Hot Cards to every 1000 ordered. So if you order 2000 cards, you will get 500 different variations and 20 Hot Cards. You might use these, to hide the 'big' prize giveaway. An ipad, a meal for two on the Orient Express? - Or you just might use the hot cards, as a PR stunt, to prove there is a big win out there, but you keep them locked away in the office cupboard.

How Will I Know Which Is Which?

All sets are packed, separately, so you know which is which, but no-one else will spot the difference. The idea is that each set are exactly the same, all for the print beneath the latex scratch panel.

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Whats the Specification of Scratch Cards

Our custom printed scratch cards, are made from a 300gsm box board, coated and matt laminated to the front, and uncoated to the reverse. The laminated, front side, is where the water-based latex coating is applied, which can be scratched off relatively easily, while resistant to normal abrasion.

Tips When Designing Personalised Scratch-Off Cards

The Method used for producing the scratch off panels, is not a high-security process, so not recommended for prices of high value.

When supplying artwork, we will require a separate pdf page for each variation and face.

Show the latex panel, in your artwork, as a 5th colour (Spot with overprint) - lets call it LATEX. You can have as many panels as you like, but nothing less than 10mm sq, and leave approx 4mm between each panel.

The latex panels will sit over the top of the reveal artwork, to avoid it being distinguishable, the reveal area should be 20% black, graphics within should be tints of black, between 30% and 50%. Text within should be a 50% black tint. Don't use an 8pt type in 30% black and expect it to be visible. 

Keep the latex reveal shapes simple - square, rectangle, circle, simple. The process of adding the latex, is a screen print process, and registration will creep, so allow 1.5mm. Keep the reveal out of the quite zone and don't bleed it off the edge. If you're not quite sure if your artwork is suitable, ask us.

The reverse of the card is uncoated - so forget trying to match the colours on the front to the reverse, it's not going to happen. Keep the reverse artwork really simple, like, small print, text only, maybe a simple map. Avoid blocks of colour, keep text to 80% black, and don't bleed any solids over 150% ink coverage. Just keep the back simple. It's the front where all the excitement is anyhow.

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Free Blank Scratch Card Templates

Text Here

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A5 Single Scratch Card Template

A5 Single Scratch Card Template

Blank A5 Single Scratch Card Template Landscape and Portrait

A6 Single Scratch Card Template

A6 Single Scratch Card Template

Blank A6 Single Scratch Card Template Landscape and Portrait

A7 Single Scratch Card Template

A7 Single Scratch Card Template

Blank A7 Single Scratch Card Template Landscape and Portrait

Large Single Scratch Card Template

Large Single Scratch Card Template

Blank Large Single Scratch Card Template Landscape and Portrait

DL Single Scratch Card Template

DL Single Scratch Card Template

Blank DL Single Scratch Card Template Landscape and Portrait

Scratch Cards Ideas for Promotion

Choose what prizes you want to give away 10% off next order, free garlic bread with every pizza, free bottle of screen wash with every valet. Ideally, something that doesn't ness have great value to you, but a perceived value to the winner. Something that will draw the end user to redeem, therefore gaining a new, excited customer for you.

There are other ways personalised scratch cards can be used. You could send out a 'save the date' for a wedding, or launch event, they could be used as a generic download card, to reveal a discount code, or password. Bear in mind, these are variable data (meaning each one has different print beneath) - we can do that, but not on these click to basket items.

You'll see some great scratch card ideas HERE on Pinterest.

History of Scratch Off Panel Cards

Scratch cards have been used in every day life for over 30 years when Astro Med of Rhode Island patented the 'Instant Scratch Off Lottery Ticket'. The most famous use of scratch cards in  the UK is the National Lottery, which started selling lottery scratch cards in 1995 (Wikipedia). Camlot have recently introduced a £10 scratch card, which offers and instant win of £4 million. We're not suggesting you use our scratch cards to sell, but they do make for a very good promotional tool.