Luxury Layered Deluxe Invitations

The Luxury Layered range from Face Media Group is a deluxe super thick range of invitations, made using Mohawk Superfine, Multiloft, bonding technical papers. Available is Duplex (2 ply), Triplex (3 ply) and Quadplex (4 ply) - with a selection of 12 beautiful colours as inserts (one insert in the triplex and two for the quadplex) to compliment the design or the invitation.

When it comes to invitations for a special day, a product launch, VIP event. When you are really looking for something extra special, our Luxury Layered range of invitations (they can also be used as event tickets too). Available in any size, and summarised here with 4 standardised sizes. A7, A6, DL and A5.

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  • Printed Stock : 2 x 325gsm Mohawk Superfine Paper - top and bottom
  • Sandwiched Layer Stock : 270gsm Mohawk Insert
  • Sandwich Layer Colour : Available in a choice of 12 colours
  • Order colour insert : Use alternative tabs to choose insert colours
  • Print Colours : Full colour to both sides
  • Turnaround : 3/5 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Layers / Quantity501001502505001000
Duplex - no insert - 650gsm - A7£43£57£75£113£175£296
Duplex - no insert - 650gsm - A6£43£57£75£113£175£296
Duplex - no insert - 650gsm - DL£48£67£100£132£215£376
Duplex - no insert - 650gsm - A5£58£86£124£172£293£535
Triplex - one insert - 920gsm - A7£52£72£105£141£229£403
Triplex - one insert - 920gsm - A6£52£72£105£141£229£403
Triplex - one insert - 920gsm - DL£58£86£122£168£287£519
Triplex - one insert - 920gsm - A5£72£119£157£226£400£747
Quadplex - two inserts - 1195gsm - A7£58£85£121£167£282£509
Quadplex - two inserts - 1195gsm - A6£58£85£121£167£282£509
Quadplex - two inserts - 1195gsm - DL£67£111£143£204£357£660
Quadplex - two inserts - 1195gsm - A5£85£140£189£279£506£959
Add envelope - matched to insert colour£15£20£30£50£80£100
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Mohawk legendary Superfine Papers

Mohawk legendary Superfine Papers were the natural choice for these prestige deluxe invitations. The ideal blend of tradition and technology resulting in high-end printed results. Long celebrated for its quality, consistency and perfect printing surface, Mohawk Superfine is an iconic product that inspires with its archival quality and timeless appeal. Mohawk Ultra White Textured is used for the unlaminated version and Ultra White Smooth for the laminated option.

12 Vibrant Colour Inserts

The fill inserts are available in 12 vibrant colours.

Ultra White (325gsm)

Black Licorice (275gsm)

Wild Cherry Red (275gsm)

Lemon Drop Yellow (275gsm)

Razzle Berry Magenta (270gsm)

Cotton Candy Pink (270gsm)

Grape Jelly Purple (270gsm)

Pacific Breeze Cyan Blue (270gsm)

Blu Raspberry Turquoise (270gsm)

Gumdrop Green (270gsm)

Limeade Green (270gsm)

Orange Fizz (275gsm)

Luxury Business Card Colour Range

2, 3 or 4 Layers of Thickness

Available in 3 thicknesses:


These consist of two ultra white textured outer layers, which each weigh 325gsm, giving a thickness of 650gsm - double the thickness of a typical business card. Printed full colour to both sides.


Two white outer layers, printed full colour both sides, with a 270gsm coloured insert, giving a thickness of 920gsm (or 970gsm if you choose a white insert). Choose from 12 exciting insert colours.


Two full colour printed ultra white textured outer layers, of 325gsm each, bonded to 2 insert sheets, at 270gsm each, giving an ultra thick 1195gsm card, or 1295gsm using white inserts, this is certainly the creme de la creme of event invitations.

Add Lamination for Ultra Delux Option

Why not opt for either gloss, matt or velvet lamination to both sides to turn your luxury layered invitation into the ultimate delux invites. When opting for a laminate, we will use a slightly lighter top and bottom white stock, which is smooth, to take the laminate, This board is 50gsm lighter then the non laminated option (100gsm in all) The white outers for laminated luxury layered are Ultra White Smooth.

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