Stickers on a roll

Our stickers on a roll offer you the chance to store and label your belongings with convenient stickers. All of our rolls are 330mm in width. This gives ample room for a large amount of stickers to be held. Being on a roll, these stickers give convenience to any office or workplace.

Product Range

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Circle Stickers

Circle stickers come in four different sizes on six different types of paper. They are ideal for being placed on any material, whether it be a school jumper or a wooden surface. [More]

Square Stickers

Like our circle stickers, the square stickers come in four different styles of paper. Print out a square sticker on chalk paper to give an air of sophistication on a product. [More]

Rectangle Stickers

The rectangle stickers come in five different sizes and are available on six different paper surfaces. Ideally suited as a temporary name tag or for labelling around an office such as a folder or desk draw. [More]

Custom Die-cut Stickers

If you want your very own unique styled sticker, then the custom die-cut is for you. They are available in four different sizes and on six types of paper, you can truly personalise a sticker to your taste. [More]