Bubblegum Business Cards

Drawing on the very latest print and food design technology, Face Media Group are super proud to be the first to market with bubblegum business cards.

If your business people friends are bored of your business cards it might be because your business cards blow, why not give then something they can blow up.

Step back and watch them inflate your marketing messages, they won't be able to stop chattering about your chewy marketing that pops.

Bubblegum Business Cards

  • Paper Type : Flavoured Edible Gum
  • Paper Weight : 400gsm Gum
  • Ingredients : Gum base, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Softner, Flavourings
  • Size : Trim - 85mm x 55mm (with bleed 89mm x 59mm)
  • Colours : Full Colour Single
  • Flavours : Strawberry, Banana, Rum & Cola or Kiwi & Lime
  • Turnaround : 5/7 working days from approval & payment (subject to spec)
  • Warning : 100% Spurious and highly flamable
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Flavours / Quantity1002505001000
Kiwi and Lime£45£55£65£75
Rum and Redbull£45£55£65£75
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Bubblegum Flavours

Available in 4 delicious flavours :- Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi & Lime and our personal favourite, Rum & Redbull. Incredibly, the bubblegum business cards, look and feel like regular business cards, with only the faintest of gum odours.

Optimum Bubble Blowing

30 seconds chewing achieves optimum bubble blowing consistency, at which point, you can blow a bubble (reaching over 3 feet diameter). And the magicest bit - your business card design is perfectly legible on the bubble. Incredible.

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