Full Colour Printed EPOS Till Roll

Custom printing to the reverse of till roll, with a discount, call to action or advert has always been beyond the economies of the small business, until now. Till roll, PDQ card payment receipt roll, any size you require. These machines, use thermal paper, in which the machines are inkless, and print onto the special thermal paper, with heat, which reacts with the paper, to print, endlessly. Full colour print to the reverse is now perfectly affordable, and an untapped advertising medium for your business.

Till Roll - 57 x 40

  • Stock : 55gsm Thermal
  • Size : 57 x 40mm x 12.7mm
  • Colours : Choice of 1,2,3 or Full colour to reverse
  • Boxed : Boxed in 20s
  • Turnaround : 10-15 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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Use your EPOS till roll as an advert for more business

The average length of a printed receipt is approx 100mm. Therefore we recommend artwork be no more than 48.5mm in depth, to ensure at least one complete artwork. (As you know, sometimes a reciept can be slightly shorter or even longer than 100mm.

Why not mix it up? Alternate special offers.

4 different artworks, offers or calls to action, would be what we recommend, to really make the most of the opportunity.

Other Important Factors for Printed Epos Thermal Roll

  • The minimum text size is 5 points. Any smaller than this, and text becomes illegible. Small text should ideally be 100% black. Text reversed out of more than 1 colour should be set to at least 7 points.
  • Full colour print on EPOS till roll is printed flexographically onto uncoated paper.
  • No bleed is necessary. There is always 1.5mm of white space surrounding the artwork.

Artwork for a standard 79x80x12.5 would be 75mm x 48.5mm (4 up, or 4 different versions).

Measuring Your EPOS Till Roll

Thermal receipt roll comes in many sizes. Here's how to understand the sizes:


This breaks down as follows:

  • Firstly - 79mm wide (The width of the roll is 79mm)
  • The 2nd measurement, is the diametre of the roll (80mm in this example)
  • Lastly 12.5 is 12.5mm, this is the diametre of the centre plastic core.

We can make to any size, so if your standard sizes isn't shown in the price grid, just ask us, as we are happy to print bespoke size thermal roll to your exact requirement.

Whats The Minimum Order of Full Colour Printed Thermal Roll

The minimum order is just 40 rolls (2 boxes). So calculate how much you use in a month, 3 months, 6 months, and plan the promotions accordingly.