Blade Flag Printing

Blade flags (also known as feather or wing flags) attract the attention of everyone who sees them. The height and dynamic design of the flags just can't be ignored. Make the flag bright and bold and you'll let everyone in the area know where you are and what's going on.

Stand Tall and Be Noticed

The design of blade flags make them ideal for drawing attention to your venue or event. They can be used indoors on shop floors, around exhibition halls and at conferences, or outdoors to advertise your events and venues, around car parks and walkways, and as route liners to guide people right to where you want them to go. They're easy to assemble and transport, and look good wherever you use them. Smart, modern and effective, Blade flags make a great statement about you and your business.

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More Information

Blade flags come in a range of fabrics and sizes and we can print any design you want on to them. They can also be supplied with a variety of supporting bases to suit the ground where the flags will be sited. Have a look at our flag accessories page where you can find the right base to suit your needs.

If you would like help to produce high quality attention-grabbing designs for your flags, our professional design team are here to bring your best ideas to life. They have a wealth of marketing and branding experience across a whole range of businesses, and the flair and imagination to make sure your flags will make a great impression.

To find out more simply fill in the quote request form or call our team who will be happy to help.