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National Flags for Flag Poles

  • Flag Size : 0.8m sq, 1.6m sq, 3.2m sq, 6.4m sq
  • Print Method : Printed or Woven
  • Finished : Roped and toggled
  • Turnaround : 3 to 5 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Nationality / Size0.8m sq1.6m sq3.2m sq6.4m sqMore than one
England - St George - Printed£37£41£60£83Quote
England - St George - Woven£44£55£79£108Quote
UK - The Union Jack - Printed£37£41£60£83Quote
UK - The Union Jack - Woven£50£67£87£113Quote
Scotland -- St Andrews - Printed£37£41£60£83Quote
Scotland -- St Andrews - Woven£44£55£79£108Quote
Wales - St David - Printed£37£41£60£83Quote
Wales - St David - Woven£44£55£79£108Quote
Northern Ireland - St Patrick - Printed£37£41£60£83Quote
Northern Ireland - St Patrick - Woven£44£55£79£108Quote
Other NationalityQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuote
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Over 222 different Nationality Flags

It only comes around once every four years. Then there's the European Cup... Then the Cricket... Rugby... even the Olympics. Hey, there's always a reason to fly the flag. Sounds like you're going to need one. Our England flags are either hand sewn or screen printed, roped and toggled, ready to go up. Just make sure you buy the right size.

  • Quality spun polyester fabric, hand sewn for a traditional finish.
  • Correct sizing and dimensions guaranteed.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rope and toggle finishing, suitable for use with aluminium or glass reinforced flagpoles.
  • A range of sizes held in stock.
  • Full range of printed national flags available
  • Huge range of nationality hand waving flags available
  • Download our National Flag Catalogue

2014 Dates for flying the Union Flag

Jan 9 Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge  Jun 10 Birthday of The Duke of Edinburgh
Jan 20 Birthday of The Countess of Wessex Jun 14 Official Celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday
Feb 6 Her Majesty's Accession Jun 21 Birthday of The Duke of Cambridge
Feb 19 Birthday of The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) Jul 17 Birthday of The Duchess of Cornwall
Mar 1 St David's Day (in Wales only)*1 Aug 15 Birthday of The Princess Royal
Mar 10 Commonwealth Day (Second Monday in March) Nov 9 Remembrance Day (Second Sunday in November)*2
Mar 10 Birthday of The Earl of Wessex Nov 14 Birthday of The Prince of Wales
Mar 17 St Patrick's Day (in Northern Ireland)*6 Nov 20 Her Majesty’s Wedding Day
Apr 21 Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen Nov 30 St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland only)*1
Apr 23 St George’s Day (in England only)*1 Other dates The day of opening of a session of Houses of Parliament by Her Majesty *3
May 9th Europe Day *4   The day of the prorogation of a session of the Houses of Parliament by Her Majesty *3
Jun 2 Coronation Day    


  1. Where a building has two or more flagstaffs the appropriate National flag may be flown in addition to the Union flag but not in a superior position
  2. Flags should be flown at full mast all day
  3. Flags should be flown on this day even if her Majesty does not perform the ceremony in person. Flags should only be flown in the Greater London area.
  4. Where the European flag is flown on this day, the Union flag should fly alongside the European flag. on Government buildings that only have one flagpole, the Union flag should take precedence
  5. The Union flag only should be flown

Source - Designated days for Union Flag flying -

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