High Visibility (Hi Vis) Clothing and Safety Wear

Hi Vis Printing and Design from Face Media Group

Hi Vis clothing is essential for many jobs where safety is a real concern. Adding logos, designs and lettering increases their value even further by letting people know both who you are and who you represent. Personalising the clothing can also increase the sense of identity and boost the morale of staff who often work in less than ideal conditions.

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When Being Clearly Seen Matters Most

Hi Vis clothes are worn by people who need to be seen, keeping them safe while they do their jobs. Printing logos, branding and names adds to their affect, clearly showing their corporate identity and letting everyone know who you are, as well as where you are.

We can print your logo, design and lettering on to your Hi Vis clothing in single or full colour as required, and in small quantities as well as larger runs. The printing method and standard of finish can be varied to match your needs and your budget.

Be seen, be safe, be recognised.

Work Wear Range

We can print a selection of work wear, including:

  • Hi Vis Bibs
  • Hi Vis Vests
  • Hi Vis Jackets
  • Hi Vis Safety Goggles
  • Hi Vis Safety Helmets
  • Hi Vis Ear Defenders

Use our handy step-by-step guide to help you choose the Hi Vis clothing and printing method that suits you best.

Hi Vis Clothing Design

If you would like help with the designs for your Hi Vis clothing, simply call us at the office or fill in the quote request form. We'll be happy to discuss how our professional design team can work with you.