A1 Posters

A1 posters are a large, proud and effective way to make sure your audience see your marketing messages. Big splashes of colour will catch people's attention and well-presented strap lines and text will make sure they get the message. It's a classic sized poster format for big effect marketing.

Versatile and High Impact

A1 sized posters are great for adding large graphics, text, diagrams and promotional messages. They're large enough to display more complex detail effectively, or simply show images with clarity and impact. Ideal for promoting courses, sales, gigs and events, in fact anything that needs a mix of text and pictures to let the audience know about key information with the colour and flair that means it'll be remembered.

A1 Full colour posters

  • Stock : 170gsm silk paper
  • Trim Size : A1 - 594mm x 841mm
  • Canvas Size : 598mm x 845mm
  • Colours : Full colour to one side
  • Turnaround : 3/5 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Size / Quantity151025501002505001000
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More Information

All our posters are printed in full colour 170gsm Standard Silk paper, sourced from FSC certified suppliers. The paper is manufactured using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process to ensure the posters also come with eco-friendly credentials.

If you’re producing your own artwork take advantage of our downloadable templates to give you the sizes and formats that will make sure your design can be made ready for the printing presses with the minimum of adjustments, saving you time and money.

If you would like help from our experienced professional design team to help you produce an eye catching poster that wows your audience simply fill out the quote request form or give us a call to discuss how we can help.

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