Dayglo Posters

Dayglo posters use a bright, luminous background colour that people just can't help seeing and paying attention to. The images and text are then digitally printed in black ink so that the sharp contrast really makes your message stand out. Dayglo posters most definitely do stand out from the rest.

Dayglo pink fly posters

  • Stock : 100gsm dayglo paper
  • Stock Colours : Dayglo pink
  • Colours : Black only one side only
  • Turnaround : 3/5 working days
  • Info : Please also note that print cannot go right to the edge/bleed off
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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Gain from The Dayglo Effect

The high impact background comes in a choice of Luminous Yellow, Pink, Orange or Green. Your design is then printed, using a digital press, in sharp black ink to create the winning Dayglo effect - the one that people just can't help noticing.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes, the posters are versatile, attractive and ideal to use on notice boards, shop windows, takeaways, clubs and venues, staff rooms, and changing rooms.

Poster Design Templates

If you want to design your own Posters, feel free to download our Poster design templates to help you format your ideas in just the right way for printing.

Professional Help With Your Design

To make the best use of the Dayglo effect with your posters we suggest a basic design is the most effective. Let the luminous colour do the work of attracting viewers and then use your design to get your message over quickly and simply. If you would like the help of our professional design team to guide you, fill in the quote request form or call the office to find out just what they can do.

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