Partnership Potential

Makeing the most of your opportunity - with Brighton Race Course

Face Media Group are very happy to be able to offer you, a Brighton Race Course partner, with a selection of packages and printed products, to help you maximise your exposure at your forthcoming race day or major event at Brighton Race Course.

The packages and extras are available to you, feel free to browse all of our products through-out the site - this page and prices within, is just a small selection of what you might require for your partnership promotion.

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It’s your space, use it!

You’ve made the commitment to become a race day partner. Now you could just let the day happen, or you could make the most of the opportunity. There is branding potential for you all across the venue, from front entrance, to VIP reception, the main venue, the corporate hospitality areas, the grandstand and even the winners enclosure.

The packages over will give you an idea of the costs for making this race day truly yours. Brighton based print and design agency Face Media Group, want to work with you so you really do make the most of your opportunity.

Pick what you need, we can even come and fit it.

We know the situation. You have a busy day ahead, the last thing you need, is to be responsible for putting out all your promotional print. We can do it for you. Professionally install everything prior to the start of the race day and we'll take it down too, once the event is over.

Promo Staff

Don't have the man power to represent your brand on the day? We have access to as many experienced promotional staff as you might need ( are a trusted promo staffing agency, very well respected in the industry).

Event Photographer

Everyone has a camera on their phone these days, but it's very rare to ever get a photo, the right quality/composition to use for PRing your day. Think about investing in a professional event photographer for the day. They'll be sure to get just the right photos, of the public, your hospitality guests, your staff and of course, your all important branding so you really show off afterwards.