Worthing Ice Rink Advert Boards printed from £65

This year Worthing Ice Rink runs from Saturday 13th November 2021 to Sunday 27th February 2022 and will see thousands of customers through its doors. There are 42 advertising spaces on the interior of the ice rink marquee. These advert spots will be visible for the full 3 months the Ice Rink is in operation.

We can print and deliver these rigid banners. Order your adverting banners here (click from the matrix below). Read more info below. To secure a spot at the Ice Rink, you'll need to talk to Worthing Icerink directly (see below).

Worthing Ice Rink Adverting Boards

  • Size : 150cm x 60cm
  • Artwork : Supplied by you 'print ready' or let us do it
  • Material : 5mm Foamex board
  • Colours : Full colour print to one side only
  • Order by : 29th October 2021
  • We'll deliver to Worthing Ice Rink : By 5th November for installation
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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Enter Face Media Group

Face Media Group have worked with the Worthing Ice Rink since 2009, and we are very excited to be able to offer you the print and supply of the advertising board to Worthing Ice Rink specification from just £65 plus vat.

We will work with yourselves and Worthing Ice Rink, to get your artwork approved for use, and we will print and deliver direct to the Ice Rink on your behalf.

Click to basket above, follow the order process through and we will print and deliver your advertising board to Worthing Ice Rink in time for its opening. Ignore the delivery cost within the order, this will be zero'd when we process the order.

You can supply 'print ready' artwork, or for a small charge, give us the logo and a brief brief and we'll set the artwork for you.

Remember - keep it simple... This is 'brand awareness' rather than 'call to action'.

Worthing Ice Rink is selling these spots, for £125 plus vat to local businesses. All you need to do is supply your own 150cm x 60cm correx or foamex advertising board.

Order your advertising board with us, we will work with you and Worthing Icerink to get your advertising banner approved and printed, so Suzi's team can put them up in time for the launch of this years Ice RInk.

The 5mm Foamex, printed direct to media is the preferred substraint for this years Ice Rink advertising banners.

Worthing Ice Rink says

"After months of deliberation and with the support of Worthing Borough Council, we have decided to operate Worthing Ice Rink again this year. This is, as you may imagine, a risky venture for us, but we feel we would like to bring back the rink for the communities around Worthing to have recreational fun over this winter period. We are investing in changes to the rink and its operation this year to ensure we are COVID-19 compliant.

"If you would like to sponsor the rink this year, please read the information below."

"Previously, we have offered advertising banner space around the internal rink during our season. This year we are offering the same space but the offer is for sponsorship of the rink, your sponsorship will have a big impact on us being able to bring the rink to Worthing this season."

"This year’s Worthing Ice rink will open from Sat 13th Nov 2021 to Sun 27th Feb 2022."

"As part of the sponsorship package we are providing weekly social media promotion through our Facebook page. We will feature 1 business each day Monday – Friday, and if the rink has to close for any reason we will continue to feature your business until our closing date. All you need to do is provide us with content and we will do the rest. If you can’t provide content we will provide a basic post with links to your website or pages. We will also provide you with 4 free tickets, which will need to be pre-booked through us."

"We are offering this year’s sponsorship package for £125.00 plus VAT. Foamex advertising boards can be ordered though Face Media Group at last years price of £65.00 (or £95.00 for artwork). They will need to be on site by 5th November to attached them accordingly. Dimensions for the banner must be exactly 1.5m long x 60cm high and 5mm thick and are one sided."

"We cannot be held responsible at any time during the 3 months the ice rink is open if the banner is damaged or destroyed by members of the public whilst skating. If the banner is damaged to a point that this could cause a danger i.e. sharp edges the banner will be removed and you will be notified but no refund can be given. If you would like to put another one in its place this will be paid by yourselves at no extra cost to us."

"To confirm you would like a banner space please email with your business name, contact number, email and business address to: info@worthingicerink.com"

"The marketing potential is huge especially as your audience will be all under the cover of a marquee in one location, with a potential of 30,000 people through the doors of all ages during the above times."

"Banners must be designed and supplied by your selves they also must be professionally designed and manufactured from 5mm Foamex only No PVC banners.
For those who had a banner last year contact your supplier as they may still have the same Artwork. If you need contacts to have the banner made please contact me."

"Dimensions for the banner must be exactly 1.5m long x 60cm high and 5mil thick. The reason for this is that they have to fit into a template size within the marquee. Any other size will not be allowed and will not be displayed Advertising is to be on one side of the banner only."

"A proof must be designed and forwarded to me for approval by the 29th October 2021 (info@worthingicerink.com) and once approved the banner must be made and delivered to the Ice rink by the 5th November (Approval is to only check there are no derogative, political, untruthful etc. statements on the banner that may cause offence)."

The banners will be printed to 150cm wide by 60cm deep. Artwork should be supplied with a 3mm bleed, so the canvas of the print ready artwork would measure 1506mm x 606mm - this should be supplied as a PDF, set at 300dpi in CMYK colour profile.

Any questions, contact our customer service team.

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