Business Cards for Mass Marketing

Whilst trying to reach a large audience your budget is usually one of the highest priorities. Compromising your branding with low quality print in not an option as demonstrating professionalism is key when promoting any business. With our mass marketing cards, this task is made easier.

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300gsm mass marketing business cards

  • Stock : 300gsm coated board
  • Size : 85mm x 55mm (Standard business card size)
  • Colours : Full colour double sided
  • Turnaround : 72 hours
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Size / Quantity5000100001500020000
Business Card Size (85mm x 55mm)£68£121£168£208
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What are mass marketing business cards?

Our 'mass marketing' business cards are printed on a 300gsm silk, full colour to both sides, trimmed to 85mm x 55mm their size and material make them ideal for delivering a short message or making them easily retainable within purses and wallets. Printed on our silk range they handle most designs with ease looking simple yet professional, their use are vast and include some of the below;

  • Loyalty cards
  • Event promotion
  • Money off deal
  • Opening times
  • Exhibition giveaways
  • Mass marketing distributions

What are the benefits of mass marketing cards?

These items low cost tools that have multiple uses, and have earned their place in our business printing section for their diversity. These items can be ordered in low quantities (100 units for £12) or much larger quantities such as 5000 units for £65 if you’re advertising a promotion or event.

  • Low Cost
  • Small and large runs
  • Professional quality
  • Fast turnaround (3 days)
  • Diverse promotional or business uses

Ideas and essentials when using business cards

Here are a few creative ideas that can be applied to printed business cards:

Make sure you always...

  • Include your name, address, telephone, email, website and of course company name and logo.
  • Put you're 'social media' profiles on your business cards

Business cards can also be used as:

  • eBay 'Thank you' cards 
  • Appointment cards 
  • Loyalty Cards 
  • 'Remember the date' cards 
  • Taxi receipts 
  • Photographer's cards - 'I took your picture, download it at...'
  • Twitter profile cards
  • Wedding seating/place cards
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