Metal Name Badge Printing

For a smart, professional image that makes staff look their best. The badges can have names, titles, logos and designs added to identify individuals as belonging to companies and organisations, and by their roles and positions. The badges also make classy corporate gifts to give away to clients and at exhibitions and conferences. Simply add your logo and branding in an attractive way and your customers will be delighted to take the badge away.

Practical and Reusable for All Occasions

Metal badges can be used by managers, team members, security staff and crew members, in fact anyone you want to look really smart and professional. As well as being worn by a person, you can attach them to desks and cubicles, rucksacks or laptop cases to help identify the person and their items as well as keeping your branding and logo out in the world for all to see.

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Choosing the Right Badge for You

Metal badges lend themselves to simple designs that catch the eye but leave the focus on the lettering. There are a selection of metal types and shades available, and deciding which is best for your needs will depend on the clothing and environment they'll be seen with.

If you're happy with the type of badge you want, and have a logo ready that we can print on to the badge simply fill in the quote request form.

If you'd like some help choosing and designing your badge then our professional team will be happy to work with you and produce the ideal badge for your needs, simply give us a call to discuss what you have in mind and we'll take it from there.