Plastic Name Badges

Smart and professional, plastic name badges can simply have names printed on, or you can add that extra special touch by including a company logo or design. Use them to identify your staff and let everyone know who you are and what company or organisation they belong to. They're ideal for anyone helping customers and visitors, or if you spend a lot of time at exhibitions and events.

Practical, Smart and Economical

They can be used by managers, team members, security staff and crew members, in fact anyone you want to look really smart and professional. They're also a great price, so providing them for larger teams won't break the bank. You can add names and details, or simply print on your company logo and branding to let people know just who they're dealing with.

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Ideas for using plastic name badges

They are ideal for printing on colourful logos as well as the name and details of the person, and with a range of background colours available, you'll be able to find an ideal match for your branding or uniforms.

The can either be pinned to clothing with their own safety pin, or attached to a lanyard, which are available in a range of colours to match. We can also brand the lanyards to create that extra level of corporate identity.

If you're happy with the type of badge you want, and have a logo and name details ready that we can print on it simply fill in the quote request form.

If you'd prefer some help, then our team of professional designers will be happy to work with you and produce the ideal badge for your needs. Simply give us a call to discuss what you have in mind and we'll bring your ideas to life.