Name Badge with Inserts

Look smart, professional and be easily recognised with a badge that can take a business card or a pre-printed label. Durable and reusable, the badges attach easily to clothing or a lanyard, making them convenient and practical for long or short term use.

Practical and Reusable for All Occasions

Name badges with inserts are deal for conferences, exhibitions, courses, and visitors. The inserts can be easily printed and changed, or business cards can be used, making them and ideal badge for people who will only use the holder for a short time before handing it back to be used again and again. Both businesses and event organisers will be able to use these badges many times over, making them excellent value for money.

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The badges can be clipped to clothing, or fixed to lanyards. We also supply branded lanyards that add that extra professional touch that will impress your visitors.

In addition, we supply sheets of blank inserts, but for large events such as conferences and exhibitions, we can print the inserts for you and include a logo, branding or any design you want to add, and the name and details of your visitors. This way the badge will look that much more impressive with professionally printed inserts. You simply supply any artwork, the list of names and the details as a file, and we'll do the rest.

Just fill in the quote request form or call us on 0333 8000 888 - we're happy to help.