A4 Long Flyer Printing – Big Space – Big Impact

Get the benefits of a full page size, in an unconventional format. The A4 Long shape allows a whole new range of design ideas and text formats to come in to play, particularly useful for panoramic views and exploding text styles. Make your marketing stand out from the crowd with unusual and eye catching designs, and grab the attention of your audience with a change of perspective.

Make That Big Impression

A4 gives you the space to use colour and design for maximum impact, and still provide a good level of detail about your offer or event. Make full use of your slogans, strap lines and branding, and still have space for that bit extra that really allows you to get your message across.

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A4 Long Flyer Specification

Our standard flyers are printed on a 300gsm Board, Zanders Mega (which is 50% recycled). The wood pulp used to manufacture the board is only from sustainable forests and is made using the latest low pollution processes. If you'd like 100% recycled flyers then click here.

The A4 long format gives a lot of scope to come up with original designs that make best use of the shape, but sometimes it can be difficult to get the balance right between the graphics and the text - too little information and you may miss the chance to tell your audience that one piece of information that motivates them to take action and buy, too much and the flyer may become cluttered and not attract the audience in the first place.

Our professional design and copywriting team are available to help you produce great flyers with impact and selling power. So if you are thinking about your flyer campaign, simply contact us to discuss to how we can help.