Square Flyer Printing – Stand Out From The Crowd

Square flyers stand out from the crowd and grab attention because of it. While the difference from the standard flyer shape is not actually that great, it's enough to make people pay attention and take a second look, which makes them ideal for your advertising pieces. It's the first step to a winning marketing campaign.

Be The One That's Noticed

In a world where people are flooded with marketing messages, it's important to be the one that they remember, the one they think of when it comes to making that call or buying your range of products. Square flyers achieve this by differing from what people expect, but still retaining the benefits that flyers offer - economical, targeted marketing.

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Square Flyer Specification

All our standard flyers are printed on a 50% recycled 300gsm Board which uses only wood pulp from sustainable forests and manufactured with elemental chlorine free pulp (ECF) processes, ensuring your flyers have excellent Eco credentials. If you would prefer 100% recycled flyers, then click here.

Square flyers offer the chance to be a little more creative with the design and layout of the information and graphics. Make the most of the different format by using layouts that just wouldn’t work on the standard sizes.

If you would like some help with your flyer our team of professional designers and copywriters will be only too happy to guide you and bring your ideas for the flyer to life, creating an advertising and marketing piece that has impact, style and all the elements needed to motivate your readers into becoming customers.