A7 Long Flyer Printing – Pocket Sized Marketing Power

This format of flyer is deal to use as tickets or vouchers to promote your latest sale or event, and as easy to pocket and save marketing pieces that remind your audience why they should be getting in touch and buying from you.

Different and Definitive

You'll really stand out from the crowd with this neat little format. It's not used as often as the more standard sizes of flyer, which is the very reason you should to use them. For simple straightforward marketing messages that people will be happy to hang on to and keep around the house and office, drop in to their diaries and stick on notice boards, A7 long is the right format to choose.

Be different and be memorable.

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A7 Long Flyer Specification

The flyers are printed on a 300gsm Board, (50% recycled Zanders Mega) manufactured from wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests, using elemental chlorine free pulp (ECF), which produces a much lower level of polluting effluent than other boards. If, however, you'd like to upgrade to 100% recycled flyers then click here.